Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mickey mouse firefighter birthday party

The decorations for the party were grabbed from around the house, white shutters(I printed out firetrucks with Sutton's name onto card stock and stuck them on the shutters randomly.)
red and white polka dot fabric,white feather boa,glass containers and every firetruck or Mickey Mouse toy that I could find in the boy's toy chests. :-)
I hung up Mickey Mouse heads on the wall behind the table. Originally, I had been planning on making a large Mickey Mouse head out of cardboard and painting it black and then covering it with black glitter. Instead, as I was putting the black paper plates I bought for the party out on the table, I just decided to hot glue two of the smaller paper plates to the back of the large paper plate for ears and it was sooo much easier! (And less messy!)

I made the pom poms out of plastic table cloths from the dollar store. I love making them that way! So much easier then making them out of tissue paper and you don't have to worry about them ripping as you "fluff" them.

The garland at the back of the table and on the front of the table was made from this darling freebie printable.

 I added glitter and rhinestones to some of the circles and sandwiched two of the circles between baker twine. (In case the garland twisted it would look cute on the other side also)

For food we had... Pizza,bread sticks,chocolate,gummy bears,and cupcakes.
(Usually we eat healthier at the parties we have. Promise! We always have "treat food" of course, since it IS a party,but normally we have fresh fruit, veggies,hummus dip etc.)

I put one regular sized Oreo on the cupcake frosting for Mickey's face and two mini Oreos for the ears.
Super easy and yummy! The kids loved them!

I made Mickey Mouse Shirts for the kids (just one large circle of fabric with two smaller circles of fabric for the ears.) And I also made them Mickey ears(a headband covered with strips of fabric and circles of black felt for the ears.)
I also cut out a moustache shape out of black felt and lips out of red felt and glued them onto pipe cleaners for them to hold in some pictures.

A couple pictures of my Mom with the kiddos

Later that night before bedtime the boys wanted to play with the mickey Mouse heads off the wall so I took a couple pics.

I wanted to make the kids a firetruck to sit in
and take them to visit a real fire station,but it didn't happen for this party.
I had also wanted to make a lot more mickey mouse shaped food,but the important thing is that the kids had lots of fun! (Despite the fact that they are hardly smiling in any of the pictures. Ha ha. ;-)
Sutton's new loves are Thomas the Train and Crayons so it seems like that is the theme for his next party(somehow. :-)


Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Britt(well, Brittanie really,but not many people call me that).
(Ok....I put 4 pictures of me up there NOT because I like pictures of myself(quite the opposite really. I hate getting my picture taken) or because I think I am really pretty or anything,but because as I was looking for a pic on my computer I realized I look kinda different in every picture. I change my hair a lot. I could find more pictures(but I am not going to) that would show that I have been every shade of brown, red and even blonde. It is usually long. I did cut it into a bob after my second kiddo was born and although it didn't look bad, I felt REALLY uncomfortable until it grew out again.
I could just upload a recent pic of me ,but instead just imagine that my hair right now is kinda a light red(like the color in the pic of my hubby and me below) but my hair is A LOT longer.(Like to my elbows. I need to cut it. It is driving me crazy it is so long.) And I usually wear bangs. 

(hubby always wears a wedding ring,but this pic was taken when we were dating.)

I am happily married(5 years this August the 26th. Super excited about that!)

We have two boys(one just turned 4 and the other is 2 years old) and we also have one girl(10 months old).

I honestly adore them beyond words!!

I had a blog for 4 years that I loved,but I never put much time/effort into it. In fact I have taken several really long breaks from the blog where I haven't posted for months and months.
That makes me sad. I have made a ton of really sweet friends in this blogging world and when I am not blogging I don't feel "right" about visiting someone elses blog and leaving a comment. (In case they are sweet enough to come visit my blog in return and see that I am a big ol' loser that hasn't posted anything in a million years.) I felt so bad about that blog and how I never really did anything on there anymore that I just decided to start fresh with a new blog.
Hopefully, some of my friends from my old blog will find be here on this new blog.
Besides my craft blog/family blog I had an inspiration blog(cute things I liked etc.) but I totally ignored that blog too.
This blog is going to be a combo of the two blogs. Crafts that I have made,pics of what my family is up too and random cool things I find on the internet.
I am going to try and post a lot more often!