Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Britt(well, Brittanie really,but not many people call me that).
(Ok....I put 4 pictures of me up there NOT because I like pictures of myself(quite the opposite really. I hate getting my picture taken) or because I think I am really pretty or anything,but because as I was looking for a pic on my computer I realized I look kinda different in every picture. I change my hair a lot. I could find more pictures(but I am not going to) that would show that I have been every shade of brown, red and even blonde. It is usually long. I did cut it into a bob after my second kiddo was born and although it didn't look bad, I felt REALLY uncomfortable until it grew out again.
I could just upload a recent pic of me ,but instead just imagine that my hair right now is kinda a light red(like the color in the pic of my hubby and me below) but my hair is A LOT longer.(Like to my elbows. I need to cut it. It is driving me crazy it is so long.) And I usually wear bangs. 

(hubby always wears a wedding ring,but this pic was taken when we were dating.)

I am happily married(5 years this August the 26th. Super excited about that!)

We have two boys(one just turned 4 and the other is 2 years old) and we also have one girl(10 months old).

I honestly adore them beyond words!!

I had a blog for 4 years that I loved,but I never put much time/effort into it. In fact I have taken several really long breaks from the blog where I haven't posted for months and months.
That makes me sad. I have made a ton of really sweet friends in this blogging world and when I am not blogging I don't feel "right" about visiting someone elses blog and leaving a comment. (In case they are sweet enough to come visit my blog in return and see that I am a big ol' loser that hasn't posted anything in a million years.) I felt so bad about that blog and how I never really did anything on there anymore that I just decided to start fresh with a new blog.
Hopefully, some of my friends from my old blog will find be here on this new blog.
Besides my craft blog/family blog I had an inspiration blog(cute things I liked etc.) but I totally ignored that blog too.
This blog is going to be a combo of the two blogs. Crafts that I have made,pics of what my family is up too and random cool things I find on the internet.
I am going to try and post a lot more often!


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