Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We had a wonderful fourth of July.
My family came and we had a fourth of July/Ladybug themed party(because she is "our little lady" all the food was miniature! So fun!) for Kensington's first birthday!!
 It was awesome. I will post pics another day. Kensi's bday is on the 6th(today) but my family could only come to the party Monday so we had that party then. We had another party this morning(I will post pics of that later too) I loved the party today. Pink and super girly. Too cute!!  We asked the kiddos if they wanted to go to the zoo,beach or amusement park today and they said beach. They love seeing my family(my parents live there) so I wasn't surprised they wanted to go there. We had a fabulous time and set off more fireworks,went shopping and ate lots of yummy food.

( I am super excited to go on a vacation in a week!! We are going to one of my FAVORITE areas. I would seriously live there if I could. Maybe some day. I used to go all the time,but I haven't visited there in ages and I am sooo looking forward to it!!
We have our hotel reservations all made and paid for.
I am ready to relax, have fun, shop, eat out and see lots of beautiful scenery.

pic #2 via here pic #4 via here the others via google images
My parents(and maybe my sister and her kids) are coming down with us because they are going to watch our kiddos while hubby and I go see The Avett brothers in concert(Um...LOVE them!!! so excited to see them!!)


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday! Happy birthday to Little Miss Kensington! Looks like you are going to a wonderful and relaxing place. Enjoy.