Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoying every second of life(even the part doing chores)

I was going to do a post about Kensington's Hello Kitty Party(that we had for her when she turned six months old and I have never posted pictures from it.) before I do a post about her fourth of July/Ladybug 1st birthday party and her second party we threw for her on her actual first birthday.
I will do posts about them later,but I haven't had the time to track down the pics yet. We have been too busy getting ready for vacation!!! (Can you tell that I am excited?! lol)
 We leave early Friday morning. Technically, hubby has been on vacation already(off of work) but we don't leave for the hotel until Friday and then he is off for 9 days
One of the things we did today to get ready was laundry to make sure that we had lots of clean clothes to pack. Laundry is never a fun chore anyway,but has been more of a hassle because our dryer broke two weeks ago. Lately, we have bought a new oven,new air conditioner, our brakes went out so we got them fixed, bought new tires, we are fixing up our whole house(new paint inside and out, new flooring etc.)I could go on and on. Oy. It is spendy to be a grown up! ;-) We are going to get a new dryer after we get back from vacation.

At the moment we are going to a laundromat. That sounds horrible,but really I don't mind at all. I am a make lemonade out of lemons kind of a person and we are going to this laundry mat that I adore(and posted about here). It is so cute!
It is a nice little hour drive to get there.(yes, we go an hour away to go to a pretty laundromat instead of the two that are within walking distance from our house. lol)

These pics were from last week

Today, as we waited for the laundry to finish, we took a little walk and ended up in a cute little pharmacy. The kiddos got toys and we got pink lemonade and chocolate.
The boys just sit and color while we are there. (they don't really like getting their pictures taken and hardly ever look up when I ask them to say "cheese". Oh,well :-)

Lundyn is obsessed with pokemon right now for some reason so he is wearing Daddy's hat and pretending to be Ash. lol.

So besides the 20 dollars a week we are paying (I always leave a few dollars in quarters at the laundromat for the next people to find also) I am not really minding doing laundry.

Speaking of laundry/clothes I think that I am going to start selling clothes in my etsy shop or start a new big Cartel shop. I buy bunches of gorgeous clothes at vintage stores,estate sales, thrift shops etc. and never,ever wear them. Most of them are vintage, some Anthropologie etc.
I snapped a few pics of clothes in my room

As you can see, I buy things that are usually pastel,silky, unique buttons,lace, pretty patterns etc.
The funny things is, although I treasure the clothes I buy, I usually just wear black from head to toe. I pretty much always have.
I packed up most of these clothes in boxes in our storage area. I need to get them in my shop so someone can appreciate how truly gorgeous they are in person!


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