Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kensington's six month Hello Kitty party

I stopped being a good blogger on my old blog so I quit that blog and started this blog(with the intention to be a better blogger on here!)I am just too busy having fun with my little family to post very often(I want to start posting more though. Even though nobody knows I have this new blog. Not even my family. ha ha. The good thing about having a blog that nobody really comes to anymore is that nobody cares that I haven't posted pictures yet from Kensington's Hello Kitty Party we threw her when she turned 6 months old. She is a year old now.Lol. :-)

Ok,pics from the party....
Part of the reason I haven't posted any pictures yet is that this party was before I got my new camera. old camera kinda sucked.  Just throwing that out there.

Before food
After food
For the cupcakes I mixed a can of diet sprite with a box of cake mix. Just soda and cake mix. Stir and bake. Less calories and they taste great! Frosted them with homemade pink buttercream frosting.

My sister holding Kensi 

After the party I changed Kensington into this shirt that Aunt Lauren
(my sister) gave her.

               A fun party for my sweet little girl!
next I am going to be posting about the dinosaur party I threw Lundyn, the 4th of July/Little lady bug party for Kensi, the pink party for Kensi, the Strawberry Shortcake party for Sutton and a few other parties we have had lately. Right now I am planning a pink poodle picnic, an anniversary party for hubby and I(5 years!!) and a school party for Lundyn.


  1. How adorable, Britt! :) I love all the pink, your kiddos are the cutest, and I too have made cake that way (with the diet soda/pop). So fun! :)

  2. Cute decorations!!! We love Hello Kitty in our family, too!

  3. SO cute!!! Love it!

    Greetings from Brazil!


  4. gorgeous! you are Queen of Children's parties!

  5. wow girly!! it all looks so fantastic~ you are fab!