Saturday, October 1, 2011

Strawberry shortcake party

 When Sutton turned 3 I had been planning on throwing him a Thomas the train/Lightening McQueen(Cars movie) party. A version of the Train,plane, automobile boy birthday parties I had seen around the Internet. However,when his birthday was coming up he was insisting on having a Strawberry shortcake party instead. Instead of fighting him I just decided to go with it and let him have fun. After all, it is his party not mine anyway. Luckily, Daddy didn't mind that his son wanted a Strawberry shortcake party and was actually all for it :-)
 Sutton didn't want anything to do with the "vintage" Strawberry shortcake(the one I grew up with) like I wanted. He only wanted the new version of Strawberry Shortcake. Luckily, she is adorable so I didn't mind :-) Anyway, the party was mostly just strawberry(the fruit) themed with little touches of Strawberry shortcake(the character)

The yellow fabric with strawberries that is on the table is actually a blanket that I made for Sutton. I had also used that same fabric to make a dress for Kensington when she was tiny.

The boys made the felt strawberry/flower garland. They had so much fun!

the strawberry shortcake paper was meant to be cicles for on the cupcakes,but my printer ran out of ink. Sutton wanted the paper on the table anway :-)

Sutton's birthday "cake" was strawberry cupcakes with pink strawberry flavored frosting and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.
The strawberry on Sutton's cupcake(with the candles) was left not covered in chocolate because he doesn't like chocolate. I know shocker! lol. He doesn't like sweet stuff much and wouldn't touch the cupcake either. Only ate the fresh strawberry.

I made a strawberry outfit and matching headband for Kensi right before the party started. I just hot glued felt pieces onto a vintage red smocked dress(she is wearing it in the pics below to show what it looked like before)

with my sister

We had yummy strawberry lemonade that we served in mason jars with lemon slices and striped straws. It was so good!
The strawberry shortcake we served was even better! Yum! It was so good!! I need to remember how I made it because my Dad's birthday is coming up and he put in a request for it right away. I now it was a strawberry flavored cake with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream sprinkled with cocoa powder.

my sweet little guy


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