Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kensington pink vintage first birthday

Kensington's other first birthday party(that we had for her on her actual birthday) was my favorite party that I have done so far. First off I didn't make any of the food like I normally do(my sweet hubby went to the store that morning and brought home cute cupcakes,cookies,doughnuts and drinks. I normally send him to get healthy food and he comes home with junk food instead so he was happy to actually get what  I sent him for. ha ha)
Another reason that I loved this party(besides the fact that I didn't invite anybody else to it so I didn't clean the house top to bottom like I normally do before a party) is that it took me about five minutes to decorate! I knew that I wanted the party to be girly. Lots of pink and cute vintage things. Um..that is my style. My whole house is decorated that way(poor hubby)so all I did was walk around the house a little grabbing things and I was done. lol.
After the party we headed to the beach and had a wonderful time. I won't post pics though or it would be picture overload. :-)
I made Kensington's headband and flower sash around her waist. I had originally made the sash for myself(pic of me wearing it below. I think I was pregnant with Kensi in that pic. I also made the necklaces I am wearing.They broke though and I need to remake them!) but then I turned the sash into a headband for Kensi. (pic of her wearing it while we were on vacation)
She also wore the headband when we went to an amusement park the other day

her favorite thing is to yell "Hi!!" to everyone and wave



  1. Pretty party, but I love her chubby baby arms!! :)

  2. I'd like to feature your party at Baby Lifestyles. Email me at if you're interested to discuss further. Great party!