Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mason jar love

I just adore mason jars! They are so simple and inexpensive,but so sweet at the same time.
They are used in tons of weddings

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 they make great vases

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 I love them as candle holders(especially with wire wrapped around the rims and hung from trees)

I think this idea of hanging them with fairy lights is darling for an outdoor party.

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For drinks
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(especially with paper straws. I am kinda obsessed with them. I just got some pink ones and some red ones in the mail the other day for up coming parties I am throwing)
Love that the jars in the pic below have tags tied on them so you can write your name and nobody gets their drinks mixed up. Genius!
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for ice cream
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for cupcakes

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To display pictures

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For a  terrarium

I want to start collecting sand in jars from each beach we visit.
Bakerella's collection is awesome! She has sand from over 100 beaches!

My favorite kind of jars are the vintage blue mason jars
I followed this cool DIY for faux blue mason jars.(It uses food coloring and glue/modge podge!) It was really fun and easy. As you can see in the pic below I just grabbed random jars from around the house to try the method out on. I am going to buy a case of mason jars and paint some more blue.
(don't mind how cluttered the counters look. lol. They are usually really clean. Also, you can kinda see our oven in the background,but we have a brand new one now that we are loving!)

I liked the method I used, but I want to buy some of this so that I can try this DIY version. (this version is baked on and can hold water for flowers. )

I love everything about mason jars and considering how fun and easy it is to make your own faux blue ones at home....
I can tell that it won't be long until all the jars in our house look like this :-)
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*Apparently you can turn your blender into a food processor with mason jars
*LOVE this salad in a jar idea. very convenient and keeps the salad fresh for 10 days. Would work great for lots of foods. *Perfect for Strawberries.
*A mason jar picnic is a darling idea.(Mason jars make excellent portable containers for individual food servings. For picnics or similar outings, make and pack individual salads, puddings, fresh berries or melon chunks into mason jars. Single-serving, washable or recyclable containers that can eliminate the need for paper plates.)
I want this so bad!
*love these solar light mason jars found here
I want to organize with the jars like she does here
*more great ideas here
*Also I have lots more mason jar pics here



  1. Oh I am sooo with you. Adore those blue ones, my fav!

  2. OMG what a great post cuz' I LUUUV mason jars! Did you see the ones I bought for my kitchen-in my last 'Friday I'm in Love' post? They are sooo cool!


  3. these are adorable! so many cute ideas you can do with mason jars.

  4. love those red and white straws! so cute!

  5. I love the idea of using them with fairy lights and string lights!! I usually like making candle holders out of my glass jars, but I am definitely inspired by all of these new ideas.

    ♥ LW