Friday, June 10, 2011

things I adore

I am totally loving Pinterest right now. I even have an app for my phone so I can go on there when ever I want. (Side note...I just got a new Iphone yesterday to replace my not working so great Iphone. My new phone is white and I like it a lot better then my old phone. I am also getting a new white Ipad 2 any day now. I am secretly excited about both the iphone and the Ipad. Shhh..don't tell hubby. He is the technology person/big spender in this house and I am the non technology/cheap skate ;-)

Anyway,back to pinterest,today I pinned.............

this mirror I had put a vintage mirror on the porch awhile ago for decoration out there until I could decide where to put it inside. Unfortunately,even though it was under a covered porch the weather had made the wood frame around the mirror break into pieces. I might try this doily idea. Super cute and easy!

beyond cute shrug I love anything by Mrs.Press
love these little play huts for the kiddos! The colors are adorable! The boys already have a dark blue and yellow one that looks similar(Did not pay $500 for it though ;-) I am going to give it a little make over and put it in the back yard for them to play in.

this hairstyle is so pretty!
super sweet lingerie set

cutest kitchen!! I adore pastels!

I love Elsie and Jeremy's whole wedding. So cute!! The background at the alter is awesome!
I just adore their wedding video!

Hope you have a great day!!



  1. ah there you are! A new blog! Love those macaroon poofy thingies a few posts back. I want lots of them! Also your kiddies are divine!!! Rachaelxo

  2. Britt,

    I love your new blog!!!! I am so addicted to pinterest right now too that is why I have not blogged in months! My baby boy is graduating high school in a week and going off to college. We will be empty nesters this fall...time does fly. Enjoy those 3 little ones as much as you can! Look forward to seeing all of the sweet faces here!!

  3. I totally agree! I love pinterest. Kind of obsessed!

  4. Love teh new blog and I adore those tent things....too cute! Xoxoxo