Monday, June 6, 2011

Adorable Laundromat

The other day we headed down to the beach(we are a beach loving family and go there all the time,plus it was super hot here in town and we wanted to get away from the heat.)

Every single time we go down to the beach I tell my hubby that I want to stop and take pictures of the kids at a laundromat that we pass in one of the little towns. My hubby thinks I am nuts and laughs. :-)
But, I think that Laundromats are really cute places to take photos. I have seen quite a few photographers do photo shoots in them. I always think of Sharstin(she is so sweet. Love her.) when I pass this Laundromat because she does a lot of shoots at Laundromats and she would love this one!! It has pale yellow and aqua blue walls with vintage pink and robin egg blue washers/dryers. Um HEAVEN! I told my hubby that I could seriously live there! not,but seriously....totally my favorite colors! ;-)

Anyway, the other day when we passed it I had us stop and get the kiddos out for a VERY impromptu photo shoot. No cute clothes and hair styled nicely or anything. We were just at the gas station across the street getting junk food for the car ride(hubby's idea. I am a health food nut. well most of the time anyway) then crossed the road,got out and I started snapping pics.

Hubby looks kinda annoyed because he still thought it was a silly idea,but was sweetly humoring me.

There was a really sweet older couple in the laundromat with us so of course I started talking to them to make myself feel less stupid about taking pictures in there. Ha Ha. The wife was nice enough to take a picture of all of us together. I like the picture,but I am not going to post it because I think my hair looks awful(I always do my hair and the one time I don't I have a family picture taken. Oh,well.) plus,I was wearing a dress that makes me look huge in the pic. aaugh.

The numbers on the dryers above the boys heads were the numbers 12 and 14,but I (very badly) photo shopped the 1s out so it is now 2 and 4. (Their ages) They are even standing below their right ages. We totally didn't plan that.
Miss Kensington is standing by number 11 which is funny too because she is 11 months old(today actually! :-)
 I was crouched down on the floor taking pics so of course she started walking towards me.....

Sutton's face in the background cracks me up.
 The nice older lady suggested putting Kensi in their empty laundry cart. Um LOVE that idea. Too cute!
Then we finished heading down to the beach. We had an amazing day there! Beyond gorgeous weather!! We saw my parents of course(they live at the beach, which is part of the reason we go so much)
We had a super fun day. I really do adore my little family! Sounds cheesey,but it is true.

At the beach we went miniature golfing, played with sand toys on the beach for ages,did lots of shopping(TONS of awesome vintage finds from garage sales and thrift shops!!) ,but I will post pics of some of that stuff another day.



  1. You always crack me up, Britt. :) The day someone unexpectedly wants a picture is ALWAYS the day the hair's at its craziest. And that's too funny about the kids' being lined up under the right numbers. (Well, somewhat right numbers, you photo-editing cheat, you!) ;)

    'Sounds like an awesome day, and you're right that that's a funky laundromat. It's certainly the prettiest one I've ever seen. :)

    'Glad you're blogging again!

  2. I adore these brott, so darling, and I am in love with that laundrmat!!

  3. What a great place for pix!!! Your kids are too cute!


  4. Hi Britt! I saw you comment on someone else's blog, and thought I'd pop over and see what you've been up to! So glad to see that you're back blogging!

    This laundromat is awesome- amazing colors, and love little Kensi in the cart idea!!

    Your kids are getting so big!

  5. That laundromat is awesome. I'm glad your hubby obliged you!! The kiddos are getting so big. I love the action picture of Kensington and Sutton. Those are always the best shots.